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Period Underwear - Bum Huggers Shorties

Period Underwear - Bum Huggers Shorties

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Period panties were a pain in the butt to sew before this pattern came along!  The outer panty is just one cut of fabric.  Stick the core on top, sew it down, and you're practically done.  

We've included lots of information to help you make leakproof panties that fit, on the first try.  There are 7 core length combinations for various flows.  An extensive materials chart that includes links to  hard to find fabrics, as well as household materials if you want to get started right away.  We added stepper and keyhole templates for super heavy flow. 

You can even make a cloth pad that is custom shaped to your panty!  

Like our other Bum Hugger patterns, this one is designed for elastic-free leg openings.  

Pattern options: Version A is super high rise with a wider than usual gusset.  Version B is high rise with a more average gusset width.  Version C is a high rise tanga panty!  The core can be centered where a gusset usually sits.  Belly sleepers can make the core go up to the front waistband.  Back sleepers can make the core go up to the back waistband.  For postpartum or heavy bleeder panties, you can use the full core piece which goes from the front waistband all the way to the back waistband! 

Difficulty:  Suitable for beginners!

Fabric:  Horizontal stretch of 60%.  Vertical stretch is not necessary, but will make your panty more comfortable when sitting.  Bamboo/spandex, merino wool rib knit, merino/spandex, cotton/spandex.  The liner can be made from non-stretch fabrics.

Yardage:  Two panties per yard of material, plus core materials.

Special supplies needed:  ¼” elastic for the waistband.

Maternity friendly:  No.

Nursing friendly: N/A

Size range:  11 sizes from XXS to 5X that fit 35” - 71” (89 - 180 cm) hip

Fit:  Negative ease (very fitted).

Time to complete:   Start to finish is about one hour.

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