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3/4" Nursing Clips
Katherine Prezioso
The best!

I couldn't find these clips anywhere else and they are exactly what I needed! And the customer service is unmatched!!

Great option for bra patterns

The hardest part for me was doing the gather for the maternity option. I am a very novice sewist and was able to follow this with the cross-over bra pretty easily. I added extra elastic to the bottom hem to make it more sturdy for using in the water. Very happy with the pattern and my makes! Thank you!

Easy and comfortable , inclusive sizing

I made this with the camisole add on and added an extra elastic band in the bottom hem of the camisole. Worked great for me for the end of pregnancy , in labor in the water, and for nursing so far. Easy enough for this beginner to put together over a few nights while heavily pregnant. Projector files work great. Very happy with this make and am making a swim-friendly version now. Really appreciate how easy it was to make a version to accommodate a large difference in underbust to bust- many patterns just can’t accommodate my cup size, nor can most ready to wear. Thank you!


I sewed a couple of pairs of these for my daughter-in-law for Christmas. They fit her perfectly! She says they are super comfy and wears them all the time. The pattern was easy to follow and once I got her measurements, sewing these was a breeze!!

Amazing maternity skirt

Love this pattern, the gusset makes it a unique skirt. Like how there are different lengths and of course the pockets. This is really comfortable to wear.

Most comfortable bra in my draw

This pattern is well written and easy to follow. Taking care when measuring will give you a well fitting comfortable bra. Different fabric will result in slightly different fits but I love how easy and fast I was able to sew it even though I was nervous when making the first 1. Made 1 from bamboo cotton its so soft and 1 from spandex which gives a slightly firmer fit.

Excellent easy pattern

The pattern has all you need. Easy instructions and plenty of modifications to meet your needs. I found it easy to follow and quick to stich up on my machine. It has been very comfortable to wear.

Cute, Comfy, Great Support!

Easy to assemble with clear instructions, fast responses in their Facebook group with any questions! I will be making more!

Empress Bralette
Sarah Olson
Best bralette pattern for large chests

The Empress bralette was maybe the 4th or 5th bra pattern I've tried, and ties for #1 with my previous fave! I found the construction to be fairly straightforward, and I really appreciated the advice on making adjustments for better fit. I honestly only had to make one muslin before getting a perfect fit! That is unheard of for me. I have a fairly narrow ribcage with a MUCH larger chest (38" band, 55" bust) and got an almost perfect fit straight off the pattern as-is. Following the instructions, I lengthened the darts and raised the front a touch and now I've made 5 bras lol. The darts ensure that I don't end up with uniboob, and the adjustable straps give me more support than I usually find with a bralette. 10/10!

Mama and Me Caftan

Mama Romper
Heather Roberts-VanSickle
Love it!

I have been looking for a bubble romper to recreate a toddler Grinch costume but in adult size. I made a version in an adorable kittycat knit and I love it! It takes some finessing to get the legs into the bands in a way that doesn't bunch up on one side or the other. But it's comfortable as a capri length or with the bands pulled up around the thigh to create a true bubble look!

Fabulous coverage and great feeding access

The feeding coverage on this swimsuit is amazing, I don’t feel as exposed feeding poolside or at swimming lessons. I love that they offer lots of coverage, which makes me feel more comfortable and confident wearing them. The projector file is great with nice thick lines and I found the tutorial easy to follow. Skill wise, this was my first time sewing with swim fabric, and while not completely perfect, I’ve made a very wearable pair of swimmers and I love wearing them to swimming lessons each week. I’m sure the next pair I make will be even better!

Swishy Pants + Shorts
Marie-Josée Carrière
Love these pants!

Great pattern, so easy and quick sew!

Quick sew and cute on

I made the child size and these look so cute. Great for play. I’m looking forward to making me a pair for summer.
Pattern wise, this is a quick pattern to sew, tutorial is excellent and easy to follow. I’d recommend it.

Love my swishy pants!

My swishy pants are in regular rotation every week. The weather has been all over—hot, cold, windy—and these pants are perfect for navigating that. I’m comfy at home, and put together while grocery shopping. You’ll love them once you make them!

Very comfortable loungewear

I made these in the regular length using a heavy viscose elastane jersey and they're extremely comfortable and just as swishy as advertised! I also tried a woven viscose challis (sizing up as recommended) and I think that pair will be great for looking put together for BBQs and summer events, while still being cool and comfortable. Highly recommended pattern.

Basic Legging with Pockets
Alexandria Phillips
Always amazing

Love these leggings and the pockets are my favorite of any other leggings I have. Danielle is always amazing to work with.

Merino Wool Full Coverage Boyshort Panty
Gwen P.
Very Comfortable and odor-free!

These panties are great, they don't dig into my thigh and don't ride up. Also, wool underwear is the best- it is absorbent and actually eliminates odors. I cannot believe I never had wool underwear before! Thank you for such a great style of underwear in the best fabric- I won't ever wear anything but wool panties from now on. And thank you for making them 100% wool without spandex or polyester, I am on a mission to eliminate toxic plastics from my clothing.

All Natural Wool Backed Cloth Pads
BEST PANTY LINERS EVER- and I've tried a lot.

I can't say enough about how great these liners are--the fact that there is no plastic is amazing (plastic promotes bacterial growth and makes these liners non-compostable and puts microplastics into our water supply when washed.
The wool is naturally antibacterial/anti-odor which makes these liners the best in the whole world, hands down.

Wool liner without PUL= absorbent with no odor=AWESOME

So versatile!

This pattern is very user friendly and you can build a whole summer wardrobe out of it. So many options and opportunities to match with your kiddos!

Fabulous dress

I’ve made the 0-1 and the 1-2 sizes and it’s such a quick and easy sew. The pleat really adds something different and it’s very cute on, especially with the tie. I can’t wait to make one for me.

Great bra pattern!

I was so nervous to attempt sewing a bra, but I’m so glad I did! Pattern creator was so encouraging, and the pattern was very easy to follow. The tutorial was super helpful with the construction. I added nursing clips upcycles from a worn-out old nursing bra, and the result is a very functional and COMFORTABLE bra with a surprising amount of support! I am so pleased. I’ve made a second one with a cotton/Lycra fabric with more stretch, and I think I prefer a fabric with a little less stretch (or I need to make the cups a little smaller). Still very wearable and comfortable. It’s such a gift to have a comfy bra that SEPARATES the girls and gives them some lift with no underwire, with cups that fit and a underband that is actually small enough. So grateful that I went ahead and took the small risk and bought this pattern. Do it! You will be so pleased and proud of the result! Now to try making one in wool!

Mama Romper
Grace Gamboa

Mama Romper PDF Sewing Pattern

Merino Wool Bra
Susan H. Rodgers
Love these bras

This is my second Yawning Mama merino wool bra. The first was black with a crossover back, and the second a regular strap in grey. Both are fabulous. The fit is perfect, thanks to the detailed instructions for measuring. They don’t itch, and don’t retain odor. I absolutely love these comfortable, well-made bras.

Harmony Top + Dress
Stephene Dill
Perfect for a beginner

Perfect for a beginner, This was the very first clothing pattern I have ever completed. It was very easy to assemble and make the garment. I absolutely love this pattern it has easy nursing access and is very comfortable. Great item for wearing around the house or going out for a casual outing.