I have been using a projector to sew since early 2020, and use it to test all our patterns!  For those of you who are wondering how on Earth you use a projector with sewing, head over to this awesome Facebook group.  For everyone else, read on to peek at what our projector files are like.


1) We include unfolded pattern pieces for patterns that will fit your average projector field unfolded.  Like in the example above, there's still a fold line if you'd prefer

2) Every pattern has layers, along with a size on each pattern piece.  This way you don't need to keep checking the layers to make sure you selected the right size. 

3) We use a large, clear font.

4) Stretch direction is noted when it's important.

5) Scale boxes in centimeters and inches

6) Seam allowance is noted in the projector file

7) When specific lengths of elastic are required, there's a corresponding line on the projector file.  This allows you to cut your elastic without needing a ruler.

8) For our large patterns, like the rompers, we add in X's and T's on the pattern pieces.  Pin through the letters to move your fabric around the table.  Here's a video on using these markings. 

9) We include two files  - one is standard, with a white background and black text.  The other is inverted, which is a black background and white text. 

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