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Parenthoodie Babywearing + Maternity + Breastfeeding Sweatshirt

Parenthoodie Babywearing + Maternity + Breastfeeding Sweatshirt

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The Parenthoodie was designed for fit, function, and simplicity. The result is an all-gender hoodie that is easy to sew and fits throughout parenthood.  The babywearing panels are one size! This means you can make base hoodies in different sizes for both parents, while sharing the same babywearing panel.  If you are not expecting or babywearing, the base hoodie or pullover hoodie will work great!  You can make a base hoodie now, and if you happen to get pregnant, add in the panels later.  

Please note this needs to be used with a babywearing device - it is not a baby carrier!    

Pattern options:  Pullover sweatshirt with zippered side seams for maternity and nursing (not for babywearing).  Regular hoodie with hood or crew neck.  The crew neck allows you to wear the babywearing panel in the front or back.  Zip-in maternity panel.  Zip-in babywearing panel with baby hood.  You can make a tandem wearing hoodie by placing a zipper in the front and back and making two zip-in babywearing panels. 

Difficulty: This pattern is a simple, easy sew if you're familiar with zipper sewing. 

Fabric:  Knits or wovens can be used.  Knits will require interfacing where the zippers lay.

Yardage:  1.8 to 2 yards per sweatshirt.  The zip panel requires one additional yard - if your material is at least 44 in / 112 cm wide, you can get two zip panels out of one yard. 

Special supplies needed:  Separating zipper:  24, 27, or 30 inches - 61, 66, or 75 centimeters.  If making a maternity/babywearing panel, a second matching zipper for each panel type.  For a gathered zip panel, 1.5 yards cording and a cord fastener.  If using a material with vertical stretch, you’ll need lightweight interfacing for the zippers.

Maternity friendly:  Yes, maternity panel included. 

Nursing friendly:  Yes, all versions are nursing friendly.

Size range:   38 - 70 IN (96 - 178 CM) chest and hip.  Three lengths from short to tunic.

Fit:  Boxy, straight fit suitable for all genders.  Designed to fit loosely over clothing.

Pockets:  Large patch pockets.

Time to complete:   About 90 minutes for the hoodie, plus 30 minutes for the panel.

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