Ways to Help Postpartum Mamas

Ways to Help Postpartum Mamas

If you have ever had a baby (or 2, or 3) you know that the first few weeks after are extremely hard. From adjusting to having a new baby to no sleep, lots of laundry/dishes, barely eating, learning to breast feed, and just adjusting to this new human. It is extremely critical to take care of the mama as she has just went through a very hormonal change and I can assure you her emotions are all over the place. So do you want to know how you can help the mom and ease some stress?

First, FOOD! I can tell you the last thing mom is thinking about is food and it is very crucial for her to be eating, especially when breast feeding. Even if it’s just bringing her food from a restaurant or a home cooked meal. I’m certain either will be greatly appreciated.

Next, laundry/dishes help. Clutter makes for more stress and stress is already at an all time high after having a new baby. Go over to the mom’s house and start doing dishes, loading or unloading the dishwasher, throw a load of clothes in the wash. You have no idea how this will help her and she will be so thankful.

Also, ask before visiting! This is a way to definitely help the mom. I can’t tell you enough how stressful it is to be learning a new baby and new body and someone randomly show up unannounced especially when your boobs are out. HAHA. It is always nice to have company but please ask before dropping by.

Then, on the flip side: don’t ask if the mom needs help. Just do nice tasks for her, like the cooking, laundry, cleaning, etc. I don’t know any mom who is going to willingly ask for help. We as moms think we can do it all until we crash. So accept the help mama especially when it’s offered!!

These are just a few ways to help out the mom and I can assure you there are 500 more ways to make her life easier. It is definitely hard being a new mom but it is so much more manageable with the right help
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