Essential Postpartum Wardrobe Tips

Essential Postpartum Wardrobe Tips

Wondering what you need for postpartum life?  Here's a handy list to save.  

Leggings - 4-5 pairs.  High waisted will work best with a postpartum body, especially for weight loss.  Low rise leggings can be more comfortable for some.  They're likely to fall down if your belly is larger than your hips.  

Camisoles - 3-4 camisoles.  Pull down or clip style is a personal preference.  Wear camisoles under t-shirts for handy nursing access that includes your current wardrobe.

Dresses - Rompers work well too!  These one-piece outfits are easy to throw on when you're ready to go.  

Robes - The essential postpartum garment.  I like having a few on hand of various thicknesses and sleeve lengths.

Cardigans - These make a good nursing cover when needed, and as a bonus will keep you and baby warm.  



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