Changing Relationships

Are you currently wondering why your relationship has changed so much? Where did your sex drive go? Will these chores ever get done? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Bringing a child into this world changes more than just your body... it affects your whole life including the relationship with your significant other.
Less Sex? This is a common one. It’s no secret you are going to have less time to devote to your significant other when you bring a baby into this world. ESPECIALLY if you are breastfeeding. These tiny humans are going to be hooked to their mama's hip for some time now. It is very important to show your partner compassion and love. They are going through a big change too, sharing the attention and affection!! It can be hard on them so please plan a date night and, enjoy your time TOGETHER and alone.
House not as a clean as it was? Before your little one got here, you may have been completely in charge of the chores (or your SO was). Now you're both so busy that there's hardly any time for things like laundry. Clutter is causing stress between you and your significant other. Consider hiring someone to clean your home if you can! It will save you SOOO much time and unnecessary stress. Depending on where you live they can be very inexpensive. Trust me it’ll save you in the long run, mama. If you can't afford help, then ask family to come over a couple times a month to clean up.
Not as affectionate? This is so common. Being pregnant prepares you to be a mother. Your hormones adjust to make you focused on your infant. Not a bad thing at all, of course! It's just a change that cannot be ignored. You may not feel as lovey as you once were before, or you may not want to be touched as much. It may be hard but really try to make time to cuddle... or give yourself some time to give your partner one on one attention.
Changes to your marriage can be daunting. But having children will also strengthen your relationship. Watching them grow will cement the bond between you and your partner. Yes it’ll be hard. But it’s so worth it. They are only little for so long!! Hold tight mama.

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