Measuring for our Bras

Measuring for our Bras

Accurate measuring is essential to getting a perfectly fitted custom bra!  All measurements are taken without a bra or clothes on.  Do not add wiggle room to the measurements, or your bra will be too loose (there's already a bit of extra room for engorgement).

Lift your breasts and have someone measure your under bust. Around your body as close to the base of your breasts as you can get.  Make sure the measuring tape is snug, but not uncomfortably tight. 


Measure around the largest part of your bust.  Do this measurement while bent over so that your breasts are hanging towards the floor.  This will ensure there is enough room in the cups.  You can take a standing bust measurement as well, and use the average of the two. 


What sizes can our patterns accommodate? 35 - 62 inch bust and 30 - 51 inch underbust, with up to an 18" difference between those measurements (P cup).


Our bra patterns are designed to fit during and after pregnancy. Use your current measurements following the same instructions above. 

Breastfeeding Access:

All of our bras can be breastfed in.  Even the Empress Bralette can be pulled down for breastfeeding, in a pinch!  See the differences in our bra patterns here.

Strap Options:

Having trouble deciding which strap type to go with?  We have two options - padded, and plush elastic.  They are both adjustable, the padded less so.  The padded straps are made from two layers of the same fabric as the bra, with a layer of thick fabric in between (fleece, foam, batting).

If you have trouble with straps slipping off your shoulders, go with the elastic straps.  The elastic straps grip the shoulders better and are less likely to move around.
Bra with padded vs unpadded straps


Can I still wear these bras if I'm not breastfeeding?  Yes!  The Empress and Cross Front bras are fine as a normal bra if you're not breastfeeding. 

Do I need to measure every time I make a bra?  If your previous bras still fit well, make the same size!  Make sure you write down what size you make!

How long do they take to make?  Your first bra may take an hour or two.  Once you get the hang of it, sewing time is as little as 30 minutes.

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