Merino Wool Options

Merino Wool Options

We get a lot of question about the various types of merino wool offered!  So here's a quick write up to help you decide which wool to get for your bras, underwear, and leggings (coming soon!)

Spandex Blends

The spandex blend merino fabrics are our lightest fabrics at around 175gsm (grams per square meter).  They stretch in all directions and have a great bounce back.  Ideal for bras, underwear, and tees.  Not good for high stress garments like leggings.  These materials have a similar feel to thick pantyhose.  They are a bit sheer.   

100% Merino

Our 100% Merino materials are 1x1 ribbed knits.  They are medium weight at 225gsm.  These have a similar feel to lighter weight sweater fabrics.  They are very soft!  Despite not having spandex, these fabrics bounce back well because they aren't quite as stretchy as the spandex blends.  Ideal for most garments. 

Merino Ponte (89% merino, 17% nylon, 4% lycra)

We currently only have this material in Chocolate color.  It's a thicker, more dense merino than our other blends, making it ideal for winter undergarments and leggings.  It is slightly more itchy than our other merino fabrics. 

Merino/Spandex French Terry 

Currently available in purple lace.  This is a very unique material.  It's between the weight of 100% Merino and Merino Ponte.  The spandex gives it a good stretch in every direction.  It bounces back well.  Great for all garments, including leggings.  Not quite as soft as our spandex blends and 100% merino.  "French Terry" means there are small loops on the back (like a towel), while the front is normal knit material


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