Flower Cups - FREE PATTERN!

Flower Cups - FREE PATTERN!

We have something special for you today...  Bra cups!  Make from foam to add nipple coverage.  Use an old towel for milk catchers.  You can even make a boob ham!  

These have tons of projection, so probably won't work as sew-in cups.  Just slip them in your bra, next to the skin! 

Measure across a breast.  Vertical or horizontal - either work.  You may find it easier to bend over.  The pattern sizing corresponds to your breast size.  Depending on the types of bras you wear, you'll want to choose a size a couple inches downwards.  This will keep the cups from peeking out of your bra.  Sizes included are 5" to 10.5" -- in 0.5" increments. 

Set up your sewing machine with a zigzag stitch.  Adjust the stitch width to the maximum, usually 6-7mm.  Lower the stitch length down to 1mm.  This will create a wide, continuous zigzag stitch.

Place one of your cups under the machine, lined up to just above where a dart begins:

Start sewing above the dart.  When you get close to the opening, butt together the two edges of the dart.  Keep sewing all the way to the end and backstitch. 

Repeat for all 4 darts on each cup.  Finish the edges if needed (most foam won't fray).  You can serge the outer edge, or use binding or bias tape or FOE.  


To make a boob ham, make the cup like normal, but don't finish the outer edge.  Trace the cup opening onto fabric and cut a circle that matches the cup base.  Sew around the base, leaving an opening to stuff!  After stuffing, seal up the opening.  Now you have a form you can use for photographing your bra makes!  This also works as a bra insert for after mastectomy. 

Here's the pattern  There is a printable pattern (A4 or US Letter) and a projector pattern in the link.  

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