Bandana Scarf Mask Tutorial (Requires Serger)

Bandana Scarf Mask Tutorial (Requires Serger)

I've made a dozen mask types and this is my new favorite!  It folds down small, is easy to wash, and you can still enjoy a drink while wearing it. The one size fits kids to adults.

It's a very simple sew - most of you will be able to make it in less than 15 minutes. Here's how!


1) First cut a strip of woven fabric.  You want it 6 inches high by the width of your fabric.  If your fabric is particularly narrow (like less than 40 inches), you may want to use another fabric, or cut along the grainline. 

2) For the liner, cut a 8" wide by 6" high rectangle and sew it to the front center.  You can leave a side open for adding filtration if desired. 

3) Serge all the edges.  I found the mask stays on the nose better if you add some 1/4" twill tape to the upper seam.  

4) Add a dart to the top center for your nose. About 1.5" is plenty.  


Now you've got a quick, breathable mask that folds up small.

Love it but don't want to make it?  You can buy it here


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