Cha cha cha changes!

Cha cha cha changes!

I'm working on all kinds of things behind the scenes! 

Here's what I'm planning based on your feedback:

* No more baby clothes. They have enough cool stuff, it's time for the mamas to get some love.

* Nursing shirts only.

* More solids, stripes, and florals.

* More focus on supporting breastfeeding in public and around non-supportive family and friends.

* Big old clearance to make room for the new goodies.

What's staying the same: 

* Free shipping.

* Still Mama made in the USA.

* I'll still offer the busty mama bras.


Ya'll I've been like Tamatoa in Moana and collecting ALL THE SHINY THINGS.  It's time to focus.  Pray for me, haha.


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