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Our nursing tees are guaranteed to make you 100% more likely to breastfeed in public.  The patented Anti-Karen technology (okay, not really) keeps those pesky naysayers away.  

Designed for wearing during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and beyond weaning. All without any awkward boob holes.  Like all Yawning Mama clothes, it'll fit a weight gain or loss of 20-30 pounds. 

Made from super soft "double brushed polyester" which is stain resistant and washable.  They have minimal stitching for greatest stretch. That means less chance of threads popping when your toddler tugs on your shirt AGAIN.  The slogans are cut from special rainbow heat-transfer vinyl.  

Picture this - you're at the grocery store with your newborn.  Baby starts crying and you realize you've left the pacifier in the car.  You look around to see if anyone is looking and decide to breastfeed.  Then some random Karen comes to look at the baby and give you Mothering advice, right there next to the oatmeal.

We all know we should breastfeed anytime, anywhere.  But it is awkward.  We're afraid someone will say something, or give you the look.  Or come touch your baby while you're breastfeeding in a sling (that actually happened to me once). 

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