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All Natural Wool Backed Cloth Pads

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Super soft and absorbent cloth pads! These take a week or two to make - sometimes we have them ready to ship.  

These are topped with hemp + cotton velour, a soft and thick absorbent fabric. 

On the inside of the pad there are two layers of 100% cotton flannel, which absorbs very fast. Underneath that is a layer of heavy bamboo/hemp fleece, which absorbs slowly but holds a lot.  Together the layers form a pad that absorbs fast,  holds a lot, and can be worn longer.  

The back of the pad is felted merino wool interlock.  This material grips your undies so the pad stays put.  It's water resistant and keeps the fluids in the pad. It's also more breathable than our fleece backed pads.  This is NOT superwashed wool. 

The shape of the pad hugs your undies, which keeps the fluids from getting onto the sides of your undies.  

There are no plastics like PUL in these pads. 

Three sizes available, each has the same amount of layers.  The 7 inch is a good liner, or a period pad for a petite frame.  The 12 inch is a good heavy day pad.  The 10 inch is in between and is a good starting place. 

Care instructions (printed on packaging as well):  Machine wash delicate cycle, or hand wash. Use wool friendly soap.  Do not soak longer than 30 minutes. Air dry after gently wringing. Use spray lanolin on the wool backing as needed.

Turn around time

Allow one week for making.


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