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Most nursing bras come in 8 sizes (S to XXL) which is why your boobs are falling out when you bend over.  Enter the Busty Mama Bra with 45 size variations available! With sizing available for 35 - 62 inch busts and 30 - 51 inch underbust, it's sure to fit even the largest of milk-filled boobs.  (If your measurements don't fall into these, send us a message! We may still be able to help.)

This bra is designed to offer full coverage and accessibility without needing nursing clips.  You simply plop a boob out like you do with cross front bras.  You can even wear it long after weaning!  But if you prefer to clip down the front, you can add on that option for just $10.

If it's your first time ordering, read this post about how to measure.

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