How our Patterns Fit

How our Patterns Fit

We fit our patterns to the pregnant and postpartum body.  They are designed to fit throughout weight fluctuations.  There is more room in the front torso - chest and belly. 

Fitting pregnant bodies can be tricky!  We have lots of practice - not only from making ourselves clothing, but from making our client's clothing.  Wherever possible, we make it so our patterns fit a pregnant body without any modifications needed.  This means all of our patterns will use knit (stretchy) fabric.  

Pregnant woman in a bra and underwear sitting on the bed

We avoid elastic and seams across the belly, which can be uncomfortable during pregnancy and postpartum healing.  

Our patterns are drafted for average height of 66".  On our rompers and dresses, the finished garment height is written on the pattern pieces and in the tutorial.  A pregnant belly can interfere with garment height, so measure from your shoulders, over your bust and belly, then straight down - as if a board were against your belly and bust. 


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