Workin’ and Mommin’ at home?

Workin’ and Mommin’ at home?

Hey mama! Sound terrifying?? Being a mom alone is w • o • r • k! Am I right ladies? I once read that you should revolve your kids around your life, not your life around your kids. But that is easier said than done! To work from home and take care of these babies/the house you have to have some sort of rhythm or schedule. I know that sounds insane but here are some tips.


Have your coffee on a timer to brew in the morning. If you are anything like me ... coffee is a must and a MUST have in the morning especially to get your brain/day started. This way my coffee is ready to go, add some creamer, and on to the next task. Of course you've got to remember to drink it, haha.


Do the laundry or dishes first thing in the morning before the babes awaken. This is the best tip I can give you. I start a load of laundry every morning before my daughter wakes up. It's folded every night before she goes to bed (pro tip - most kids love helping put clean clothes away). You know what this helps? CLUTTER and a hamper overfilled with laundry; something I hate.

Get Dressed!  Seems like a simple thing, but it can go a long way to making you feel productive.  You don't need anything fancy or uncomfortable! Something you could go outside in without shocking the neighbors is fine.  I once had our dog get out... I had to chase her around the neighborhood in dirty pajamas and flip flops, while holding my baby. 


Push notifications on and laptop by your side. If you are a WAHM, getting actual work done for your boss(es) can be challenging. Never miss a beat when you have your notifications on and laptop by your side (on the couch, chair). This way you can handle the tasks at hand when they come through. This is a much better alternative than scrolling on your phone while your baby sleeps the day away in your lap.


Designated nap time for the kids. TRY to lay the kids down at the same time for “rest” (if they don’t like calling it nap time, LOL.) Or pop on a movie, give them a snack, juice, and step away. This will also give you time away to decompress and get some power working hours in!  


Take a lunch break and eat lunch with your kids! Unlike the normal 9-5 gig where you get a normal hour lunch break... When you are at home it can seem like the days fly by and you get so caught up doing chores/work that lunch slips your mind. But it is a good idea to step away and eat with your kids! They will always remember this time.  If you are feeling particularly stressed, pack up the lunch and take it outside.  There is nothing like some fresh air to reset your mood.


STEP AWAY FROM WORK AT NIGHT!! This can also seem challenging but this is my most important tip. Step away and spend time with your family after your work day is over. Even step away from the chores. Your children are only little for so long. They cherish this time with you including cuddles.


Give yourself grace. Again... IMPORTANT TIP.  Just because you didn’t finish everything that you wanted to today, doesn’t mean there isn’t a tomorrow. If your kids are clinging, cling to them, and be their safe place. You will miss these times. Give yourself grace and move on. Don’t harp on the things you didn’t complete, mama!

When all else fails, Grandma will save the day.  There have been days when I'm so overwhelmed that I've called Grandma to come to the rescue (or texted, since it's 2020 - who calls anymore?). Last year I even had a mother's helper!  A mother's helper is a preteen who wants to babysit but isn't old enough to be home alone with them. They watch the children while you are home, doing things nearby. 


These tips saved my life and my days! Don’t stress too much if the schedule isn’t working and take each hour as it comes. You can do this. Being home while making money is a blessing and something cherished, not stressed.

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