Using the Baby Carrier Pouch

Here's how to use the bestselling Yawning Mama baby carrier pouches (link is for the last one!!)

1) Unsnap the pouch so that it's a big flat rectangle.

2) With the snaps at the top and bottom, slide the fabric under the SSC belt (you can do this while you're wearing the carrier, or before you put it on). Either side of the pouch can be up - it's reversible!

3) Snap the outermost snaps so that they're on top of the belt and on either side of the SSC front panel.  You've now got an extra pocket to use while you babywear!

4) Tuck in the carrier straps and roll down the front panel towards the belt.  Once you've got a tight ball of fabric, squish it into the pouch. 

5) Snap the rest of the snaps over the carrier belt, and you should have this! 

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