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Ten tricks to calm a crying baby.

We know Mama, a crying baby is never fun and it causes our mom anxiety to sky rocket.. But what if? What if there was a way to calm your crying baby to sleep. OH there is.1) Check every possible cause first This part is pretty instinctual, but can be hard to do when you're flustered!  Is their diaper wet? Are they hungry? Do they need sleep/cuddles? Is there a hair wrapped around a toe? Diaper rash? Sometimes the answer is as simple as that and they will calm down.2) Stay Calm Your little can sense your anxiety and it will only make them more anxious … aka MORE Crying. Try to relax and think of something other than the crying....

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5 things I'd do differently if I started breastfeeding today

I feel pretty lucky to not have many regrets as a mother.  However I have learned some lessons along the way!  Here's five things I'd do differently if I were just starting to breastfeed. 1) Laid-back breastfeeding  I was exposed to laid-back breastfeeding while pregnant, but despite my best efforts I just couldn't figure out how to do it.  This is one of those techniques that works best if it's done from the start!  You rest comfortably, about halfway between laying down and sitting up, and place the newborn on your belly, skin to skin.  Then you patiently wait for baby to latch itself.  It might take up to an hour, but baby will eventually start to "crawl" up your chest...

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