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Wondering what material your shirt might be made of?  The mystery is part of the fun!  Here's some examples of fabrics.  For the best chance at getting clothes you like, select multiple options!

SOLIDS.  All one color prints. 

GOTHIC.  Darker patterns.  Moon, stars, sun, space, skulls, tentacles.

FEMININE. Pinks, purples, pastels. Lighter shades and smaller florals. Border prints.

PLAYFUL.  Cartoon characters, cute animals, larger scale florals.

NATURE.  Camouflage, birds, trees/bark, realistic animals, bugs. 

BRIGHT.  Primary color prints, shapes, gradient patterns, psychedelic.

RAINBOW.  Colorful stripes and prints.  Similar to bright.

STRIPES.  Patterns with lines.

FLORAL.  Flowers! 

TIE DYE.  Water-like prints and traditional tie dyes.

WHIMSICAL.  Flirty prints, polka dots, repeating abstract patterns, fairies.  Overlaps with nature. 

ANIMALS.  Cheetah print, tiger print, cow spots.

Nautical.  Mermaids, sea creatures, whales, boats, anchors, fish scales. 

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