Documenting your breastfeeding journey

Documenting your breastfeeding journey

Astrid's been breastfeeding for two and a half years and I wanted to do something special to mark the occasion!  So last week while she napped I put together a photobook order on my phone.  Google photos made it pretty easy - I just searched through the mobile photos taken over the years and added them starting with the oldest.  I've had a folder on my phone for years that is titled "photos to print", which is where I stash my all-time favorite pictures.

Honestly I though Astrid would love it more than she does - but after looking through it, I realized it's really something for me.

Just looking at all these pictures makes me happy.  As mothers in this digital age we don't often get to see printed photographs of our children.  I included them all - from the tired looking double chin mom to the fancy photoshoots.

It feels like a happy farewell to breastfeeding - some memories to get me through the weaning, whenever it happens.  Hopefully you feel inspired to have some of your pictures printed too!  

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