5 Gifts for the not-first-time Mother

If you've been a parent yourself, it's pretty easy to get a first-time mother a gift.  But what to get the second, or third-time mother?  You may find yourself asking questions like "what if she already has that?" or "did she use one of those with the first baby?"  This is when handmade, one-of-a-kind gifts can come in handy.


Adding a second child to the household can make for a very different environment than the first.  A mother will find herself wanting four arms and multiple places to lay a baby down, especially if her first child is still young.  Baby nests are an excellent gift, because not only is it a portable place to lay the new baby down, but the older child can also use it as a play place for dolls.  They come in baby and toddler sizes (toddler size pictured).


Unique gift sets with a tote bag are a welcome gift.  Really, a mom can never get enough tote bags! 


If the mama is in a cold area, a YM poncho is the perfect gift! It can be used for babywearing or as a breastfeeding cover, and is a one-size-fits-all. 


It's almost guaranteed that a new or repeat Mama doesn't have a baby carrier pouch!  These are designed to fit all SSC baby carriers and double as a pocket. 


A photoshoot is a most special gift for any mother, no matter how many children she has.  With the second child and beyond, most mothers find themselves too busy to do all the special monthly photoshoots like they did with the first child.  Most photographers will allow you to purchase a voucher or gift card, and the mother can pick the date after the baby is born.  Here's a picture from a wonderful local photographer, Kristi Gayton

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