30 Minute Kitchen Rescue

30 Minute Kitchen Rescue

Kitchens get out of hand, fast!  Here's a 30 minute overhaul I did today.  Remember, done is better than perfect!  Get some music on, slap the baby on your back, and get it done!  

But first, snap a before picture!  

1) Get the Clutter Out

Put the clean dishes away, put the food in the pantry, find a spot for that massive bag of paper towels from Costco.

I like to have a tote to gather up all the stuff that doesn't belong in the kitchen.  Save it for later, or you might get distracted and start cleaning other rooms (ADHD, anyone?)  

2) Crumbs

Use one of your dirty dishes to get all the crumbs off the counter.  Just swipe them into a bowl or something.  Give the floor a quick sweep or vacuum.

3)  Dishes

Load up that dishwasher.  Clean all the dishes, even the reusable straws you've been ignoring.  

4) Counters

Use whatever you use to clean the dishes and wipe down the counter, quickly!  I used a sponge.  Now is a good time to replace that sponge.

5) Trash 

Take the trash out!  I save this for towards the end because you tend to find trash as you clean up.  

6) Touch Up

Wet a rag, and go around the kitchen and spot clean any noticeable things.  The drips on your stove, the splatter on the wall, etc.


And you're done!  Comment below with how long this took in your kitchen. 

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